• Carlton Seymour

    Carlton Seymour

    Love fly fishing and kayaking.

  • fayum


    Tech & Creative Strategist, Greece

  • Matthew Udanoh

    Matthew Udanoh

    Technology & business, socio-economic development, equitable justice, family & community, personal growth. Yeah, that's a good start...

  • Samitha Senadheera

    Samitha Senadheera

    Writing my way through life

  • Dinesh Challa

    Dinesh Challa

    I talk about Intersection of Technology and Society. Open for collaborations in Business and Tech — People help the People. Email : dinesh@hey.com

  • ELIX


    Create and support great products and campaigns: getelix.com/explore 💡🚀

  • Guido J. Verni

    Guido J. Verni

    Not just a great business executive, but also an enthusiastic storyteller and aspiring writer. www.linkedin.com/in/guidoverni — www.tonic3.com

  • Verandah Sightings

    Verandah Sightings

    Tsundoku enthusiast. Forever Aspiring to get off the treadmill. Late Bloomer in Life…

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